EUROPA Window Safety


Europa Window Safety

EUROPA Window Safety is an iron railing, inserted in aluminium frame, add-on opening railing system, which can be perfectly combined with all of EUROPA opening system series.

The system has been specially designed in order to cover the need for advanced safety and anti-burglar protection, combining aesthetics and ease of use, without limiting the useful opening of the frame. He innovative design allows the system’s installation also in existing construction, by replacing only the shutter sash.

EUROPA Window Safety system is available in double sashes. An elegant railing is incorporated in the first sash, while the second one remaining classic shutter sash. Both sashes can be opened outwards and rotated about a common axis with the use of enhanced hinge. A 5-point security lock can be applied providing advanced safety.


  • Perfectly combined with all Europa's opening systems.
  • Special designed railing sash integrating frame recess feature suitable for the flawless operation of shutter sash.
  • Available with a reinforced triple hinge with a common pivot rotation for the railing shutter and the shutter sash.
  • Capacity for a 5 locking points system for increased security.
  • Installation can take place also in existing structure by replacing only the shutter sash.
  • Choise between different designs and colors.
  • Plastic insert use to prevent contact between the railing and the shutter sash.


  • Single Sash Opening Systems.
  • Double Sash Opening System.

EUROPA Window Safety