new EUROPA 950 Hybrid

Europa 950

EUROPA 950 Hybrid is the newest EUROPA roller shutter system.  EUROPA also offers the 990 and 999 series, with or without thermal insulation (Hybrid).

It offers increased thermal insulation up to 1,2w/m2k, while PC (Polycarbonate) sides provide extra stress resistance and remarkably reduce thermal bridges. The EUROPA 950 Hybrid series are available in 2 straight boxes 180 and 210 mm. The special design reduces manufacturing time, while providing better fit and smoother rolling.

Technical data summary:

  • 2 straight superjacent boxes (Hybrid) 180 and 210 mm.
  • Perfectly combined with all EUROPA architectural systems.
  • Suitable both for replacing previous roller shutters and new constructions.
  • Straight and oval slat drivers, with or without wing and a special reinforced aluminium slat driver with a blade socket providing advanced security.
  • Selection between 6 aluminium slats and 2 aluminium slats with polyurethane.
  • 2 specal aluminium slat profiles, one with a 5mm gap between the vent holes for better ventilation and one with a 10mm gap for advanced security.
  • Innovative locking system with the new reinforced steel security latch.
  • Opening/ closing using a belt, hand crack or electric motor.
  • Optional automation systems with air-/ rain sensors etc..



1. 2 straight boxes 180 + 210mm.
2. Higher thermal insulation up to 1,2 w/m2k.
3. Pivot position improvement for better and smoother rolling.
4. Reduction of the total box weight.
5. Box width reduction providing better fitting.
6. Graphite EPS use for increased thermal and sound insulation.
7. Reduced production time (lesser processing steps).
8. Thermoplastic polymer side covers with increased stress and heat resistance. It offers significant increase to thermal insulation due to minimization of thermal bridges.
9. Side covers with reinforced aluminium plate providing greater stress resistance.
10. Built-in slide on the side cover.


  • Superjacent roller shutters.
  • Slat with large holes for better ventilation and unobstructed view.


QUALICOAT: Powder coating process certification.
IFT Rosenheim: Certified factor of thermal conductivity for roller shutter box
DTI: Certified factor of thermal conductivity for roller shutter box


Aluminium Alloy: AIMgSi-0.5 F22
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum coating thickness: 75μm
Profile thickness: 1,3 - 1,7mm
Tolerance according to: EN 12020-02
Factor of thermal conductivity for box: Usb=1.2 - 1.5W/m2 K
Dimensions of superjacent roller shutter box: 140mm,180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm.
Dimensions of Hybrid superjacent roller shutter box: 144mm, 180mm,184mm, 204mm, 210mm, 224mm, 244mm, 264mm.
Dimensions of external roller shutter box: 140mm, 180mm, 200mm.
Aluminium slat profiles: 9.3 x 40.2, 9.2 x 40, 10 x 37, 13 x 50.1
Aluminium slat profiles with large groove punching: 10 x 20, 7.5 x 27
Aluminium slat profiles with polyurethane foam: 7.7 x 39.5 και 7.9 x 45mm
Maximum dimensions of construction: 4,5m χ 3,0m






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