EUROPA Plisse 22

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EUROPA PLISSE 22 is the new horizontally operated insect screen without caterpillar and pleated mesh. The advantage of this system is the thinner, than most of the insect screen systems being sold, guides.

The new systems performance is equivalent to that of the EUROPA PLISSE 27 system. It also provides the same typologies with upgraded functionality, especially useful in situations with limited installation space. The guides width is 22mm, thinner than most of the other insect screens guides, while the height of the bottom rail is 8 mm.

The insect screen’s operating cords and pleated mesh is made of special polyester material for easy operation and endurance. The mesh’s width is 16 mm.

EUROPA PLISSE 22 combines cost efficiency, easy mounting and perfect silent functionality

NEW TYPOLOGY – More construction options

Both systems can provide the bilateral solution, with operating insect screen handles on both sides of the construction, specially designed for successive sliding systems and constructions with limited space.


Type Maximum dimensions
Single Sash System 1,80 Χ 2,50 m
Double Sash System 3,40 Χ 2,50 m
Dual Side Sliding Sash System 1,80 Χ 2,50 m

EUROPA Plisse 22