EOS 90 Hybrid

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The most recent and innovative opening system of Europa. The system optimizes the interior climate conditions of a building due its maximal thermal coefficients. A special combination of the modern design with straight lines and of the state-of-the-art technology in aluminium industry. EOS 90 Hybrid is certified for its passive qualities from the Passive House Institute (https://passivehouse.com/).


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The pioneer aluminium system with its EOS 90 PH.SI Hybrid version achieves the maximum combination globally, against all systems of the category. With a frame width of 180mm achieves a thermal coefficient of Uw = 0,68 W/m2K.

The increased sound insulation is achieved through its specially designed rubbers of EPDM material and the option of use of glazing up to 80mm. EOS 90 PH.SI Hybrid is the perfect system for urban areas with intense noise.

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The pioneer system version of EOS 90 PH Hybrid is the best thermal insulation system in global level against all systems with frame width of 150mm. Also certified by the Passive House Institute achieves thermal coefficient of Uw = 0,75 W/m2K.

Basic Characteristics

  • Modern design with straight lines
  • Improved safety due to the Multilocking Mechanism
  • Almost excellent level of thermal insulation with:
    • the use of 54mm polyamids
    • option of double or triple glazing up to 80mm
    • insulation materials inside the profiles
    • extra insulation around the glass pane.
    • full recyclable double-extrusion rubber (EPDM-Expanded EPDM) for maximum thermal insulation.
  • The ideal choice for Passive Houses with almost zero thermal emissions.

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