EFD 77 Hybrid

EFD 77 logoEFD 77 is a bi-fold thermal break system designed in straight line with exceptional insulation and waterproofing performance. It is ideal for large openings because it assures all the possible combinations using odd or even number of sashes and it opens inward or outward. It is suitable for houses and f & b service areas (restaurants, café e.t.c.).

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Europa S500 Final Logo RedThe EUROPA S500 series is the dynamic response to the requirements of space ergonomics, functionality and flexibility.

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EFD S.5000

 EFD S5000EUROPA S.5000 perfectly covers ergonomics, functionality and flexibility requirements. In the same space with EUROPA 5000 and its special design, both series form a unique combination.

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EFD S.5500 Hybrid

EFD S5500 HybridThe ideal combination of the Thermal Break technology, for thermal insulation under intense climatic conditions, with all the advantages of the EUROPA S.5000.

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