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EUROPA’s products are used not only as building materials for premium residential and commercial buildings but also in energy related projects and various industrial uses. EUROPA is synonymous with innovation in aluminium, for residential and industrial uses. Its "Hybrid" systems save energy by providing optimum levels of thermal and sound insulation, safety and aesthetics. Its state-of-the-art photovoltaic mounting systems provide a sound solution to the booming sector of renewable energy.

EUROPA Basic Figures:

• 177.000 sq/m land
• 35.000 sq/m in buildings
• Over 3.000 certified aluminium fabricators
• Corporate and EUROPA CLUB showrooms all over the country
• Over 50 complete aluminium systems certified in prestigious Laboratories such as Ift ROSENHEIM, ISTITUTO GIORDANO and E.K.AN.AL etc.
• 10 dedicated industrial designers
• Testing department (test chamber, laboratory) 

• Technical support
• Products certification in International Notified Laboratories
• Cooperation in Projects
• Support on CE mark
• Corporate show rooms
• Test chamber for door & window initial tests
• Seminars
EUROPA Loyalty System


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