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Durable through time

EUROPA PROFIL ALUMINIUM S.A. was founded in 1974 by Lymparet T. Tzirakian+ and Krikor Tzirakian aiming to produce aluminium profiles for architectural applications. From the very humble beginning the company focused on the highest quality production and aesthetics. Focusing on these targets, the company quickly evolved, while based on 2 basic axes:

  • Human resources
  • Modern means of production.

In the late ‘80s, EUROPA designed, developed and introduced to the market the “EUROPA ALUMINIUMS SYSTEMS” series, which became the benchmark in the company’s evolution and differentiation in the Greek market. EUROPA ALUMINIUM SYSTEMS’ design excellence, perfect fit and finish, and absolute functionality became the springboard for immediate recognition, gaining aluminium fabricators and end users trust and preference.

In order to ensure the establishment as a leading, premium producer and also further improvement of its products’ quality, EUROPA PROFIL ALUMINIUM S.A. created a special Quality Control Service in all stages of production activities, handling and delivering to the end users.

Emphasizing on high quality products and strict quality control system was soon rewarded. EUROPA is the first extrusion industry in Greece that received ISO 9001 quality management certification. EUROPA PROFIL ALUMINIUM S.A. currently holds a leading position in the Extrusion industry, becoming a highly sophisticated and dynamically evolving extrusion factory and electrostatic painting facility, ready to deal with and overcoming all market challenges.


1974 - EUROPA production begins.
1979 - The company doubles its production capacity with the addition of a new extrusion line and exports its products to four continents.
1981 - The production line is vertically integrated with the addition of an anodisation facility.
1986 - The production facility is expanded with the incorporation of an aluminum powder coating unit.
1988 - The company innovates by producing complete aluminium systems.
1992 - The complete frame systems are branded “EUROPA” and the brand becomes the industry’s standard.
1994 - The company launches an internship program, familiarizing students with the production of aluminum profiles.
1998 - EUROPA acquires 40% of Extral S.A., a former competitor.
2000 - A third extrusion line and a production line for wood effect finish are installed.
2001 - A fully automated robotic warehouse is built and an intelligent management system is installed.
2002 - Acquisition of new property. Total land is 170,000 sq.m. and 35,000 sq.m. of buildings.
2004 - New company headquarters are built. A newm fully automated, vertical production line for powder coating is installed.
2005 - EUROPA sells more than 10.000 tn of profiles in Central and Northern Europe. 
2007 - Fires hit several areas of Greece. The company offers significant aid. The company has annual turnover of more than €70m, and 500 employees.
2008 - EUROPA becomes one of the most profitable corporations in the region.
2009 - The new EUROPA Hybrid Aluminum Systems are launched, saving energy by providing optimum levels of thermal insulation.
2010 - A 1.5 MWp PV system is installed on its rooftops.
2011 - The company designs and launches the Photovoltaic Mounting Systems “EUROPA SUN”.
2012 - Despite the financial crisis in the country, EUROPA remains a debt free & profitable organization that continues to innovate.
2013 - The company is continuously expanding its share in the Greek market and also exporting its products to several international markets.


EUROPA PROFIL ALUMINIUM S.A. holds a leading place in the extrusion field, owning a state-of-the-art and dynamically evolving production facility. The latter, together with the electrostatic coating unit for extrusion products and the 500 specially trained employees, equip the Company with the tools to deal creatively with the challenges that lay ahead.


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