Europa certificate

EUROPA, in order to certify an aluminium constructor, has set advanced criteria and specifications, based on quality of constructions. The aluminium fabricator should use exclusively EUROPA products and accessories in order to be certified.

Certification process

  • Cosntruction site inspection by EUROPA's technician.
  • Equipment check in order to cover the minimum requirements.
  • On the spot inspection of previous constructions that the fabricator has completed. The inspection should include at least one opening and one sliding application with EUROPA aluminium systems.
  • Positive recommendation by EUROPA's technician.
  • Signature form.
  • Issue of the certificate, valid for 2 years.

Renewal of the certificate should be done after re-estimating. 

Deduction of the certificate

  • In case of first below-level technical inspection report, an warning letter is been sent.
  • In case of second below-level technical inspection report, the certificate is been deducted.

In case of non compliance to the suggested improvements as far as the construction is concerned, the certificate is also been deducted.


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