Europa Minimal Frame

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Europa, complying with the dominant architectural trend of minimalism combining aesthetic simplicity with luxury in the industrial design, presents the new aluminum architectural system Logo

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EUROPA Hybrid A40 SL

EUROPA A40 SL hybridEUROPA Hybrid A40 SL thermal break sliding system is the latest proposition by EUROPA concerning the ultimate thermal insulation. The system’s modern design, with straight profile lines meets every modern architectural requirement.

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ESS 47 Hybrid

ESS 47 HybridESS 47 Hybrid is the new proposition by EUROPA for sliding architectural aluminium systems with thermal insulation. The system offers high standards, with simple straight line design, that combines the perfect functionality with the modern aesthetics.

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ESS 34 Hybrid

ESS 34 HybridESS 34 Hybrid is the new thermal break sliding system designed specifically to combine high quality and flexibility. The system offers wide range of construction choices.

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Europa 800EUROPA 800 series is a new Economical, Sliding system with a simple straight line design.

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Europa 2000 Final Logo RedThe ideal solution for every type of sliding frame of small and large dimensions. It perfectly meets the strictest requirements offering high aesthetics with classic design, as well as robustness and absolute functionality with the use of the stainless rail for smooth scrolling.

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Europa 6000 Final Logo RedThe reliable solution recommended for the replacement of old frames. EUROPA 6000 Hybrid combines flexibility and economy in construction, with an impeccable finish and absolute functionality, thanks to the use of the new stainless rail for smooth scrolling.

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Europa 10000 Final Logo RedThe innovative lift & slide system, to be used in spaces where intense climatic conditions require high standards of thermal insulation. It ideally meets the need for strong thermal insulation in sliding systems.

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