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ECW 50 Hybrid is considered to be Europa’s latest proposal in curtain wall systems.

It is available in two versions (standard or structural glazing), with the mullion’s depth starting at 14mm reaching 250mm and width to 50mm.

It is high a performance System with a modern or retro design to choose from and provides an easy construction and installation process.

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The system has the potential of building multiple corner angles for an interior or exterior structure, providing solutions to every architectural proposition .

It provides the ability of creating a projected/parallel projected window structure, for a better air ventilation, but also an opening/tilt and turn window structure with minimal aesthetics .

ECW 50 Hybrid can be combined with the EOS-60 HYBRID resulting in doors and windows constructions.



  1. Available mullions 14-250mm.
  2. Wide range of transoms 6-205mm.
  3. Special category mullions-transoms with minimal design (I.D.).
  4. Available in standard and structural versions.
  5. Glass panel usage 10-50mm.
  6. The system contains EPDM gaskets.
  7. Capacity to meet all requirements according to KENAK (Greek Regulation for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings).
  8. Multi-degree angle construction.



  • Curtain wall system in standard and structural version..
  • Curtain wall system with opening windows.
  • Curtain wall system with projected and parallel projected windows.




  • Aluminium alloy: EN AW 6060 T6
  • Hardness: 12 Webster
  • Minimum coating thickness: 75μm
  • Profile thickness: 1,4-6mm
  • Tolerance according to: EN 12020-02
  • Mullion length: 14-250mm
  • Transom length: 6-205mm
  • Sash-Frame Polyamide width: 14-16mm
  • Maximum sash weight opening window: 150Kgr
  • Maximum sash weight projected window: 130Kgr
  • Maximum sash weight parallel projected window: 200Kgr



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