EUROPA PLISSE Deluxe+ is the new improved screen model with plisse cloth and track that came on the market to replace the previous EUROPA PLISSE Deluxe model. It is a screen model of special aesthetics due to the appearance of the cloth that stands out and makes the product as a decorative element in the space.

The system in detail offers:

  • Special accordion type cloth (plisse), width 20mm, made of black polyester material (in the basic version) or gray cloth (upon request).
  • Movement transition with steel plate at the top, offering quiet operation and caterpillar at the bottom for high durability and timeless quality. Its upgraded design combined with the use of an extremely short lower guide, allows unhindered passage and the ability to remain open to the desired width.
  • VECTRAN laces, the latest technology, offer high resistance to movement and perfect appearance of the sail.
  • Slightly split profile for a slimmer and more elegant visual aesthetic.
Plisse Deluxe colorchart    


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EUROPA Plisse Deluxe

Final Europa  PLISSE - DELUXEEUROPA PLISSE Deluxe is the premium aesthetics insect screen system due to its mesh’s special appearance, becoming part of every room’s decoration.

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Europa-FlexaEUROPA FLEXA is the latest insect screen system with caterpillar by EUROPA with a special type of advanced, straight fiberglass clothing.

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EUROPA Plisse 27

EUROPA PLISSE 27 is the standard and tested insect screen system. It comes with a silent motion system, bottom rail of 27mm width and 7mm height.

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EUROPA Plisse 22

EUROPA PLISSE 22 is the new horizontally operated insect screen without caterpillar and pleated mesh. The advantage of this system is the thinner, than most of the insect screen systems being sold, guides.

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Europa 880 Final Logo RedThe ideal proposal for Rolling and Opening Insect Screen, which meets even the strictest requirements. With a modern design and unique functionality, it is easy to use and perfectly applies on all the existing Aluminium Systems. Also suitable for replacing older Insect Screen Systems.

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