erga-sxedia EUROPA PROFIL ALUMINIUM S.A., being a pioneer company in the architectural aluminium systems development, in order to promote the work of scholars, offers the ability to architects and civil engineers to present their work through EUROPA’s company website.

All Architects and Civil Engineers, especially the younger generations, students or recent graduates, have the chance to promote their work. In order to do so, all necessary elements regarding the project should be sent to the following email: architects@profil

In order to identify each work, certain data are required:

  • Drawings or pictures
  • Construction or study elements
  • Construction category
  • Project completion time
  • Project location
  • Up to 150 words description

In case that EUROPA products have been used for the specific construction, we kindly request for the reference. Additionally, in the special section Architects of our website, visitors can easily find:

  • EUROPA corporate showrooms,
  • EUROPA’s certified aluminium fabricators,
  • Additional information for EUROPA products,
  • News and events for architects and civil engineers,
  • Architectural competitions and prizes, and also all necessary tools regarding the use of EUROPA products (dxf files, technical catalogues, brochures etc)


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