EUROPA Hybrid Aluminium Systems

Hybrid Green Final
Within the scope of its continuous effort to develop and innovative pioneer aluminium systems, EUROPA PROFIL ALUMINIUM S.A. presents the Hybrid Aluminium Systems.

The Hybrid Aluminium Systems - a unique combination of an Aluminium Profil and a special Polyamide Profile - are exclusively designed and manufactured for effective energy saving, thus providing a significant contribution to the essential protection of the Environment.

Their usage contributes to the drastic reduction of the total heat transfer coefficient through the frame, mainly resulting in a reduced need for the operation of heating or cooling systems and the short and long term saving of financial resources.

The EUROPA 2500, 5500, 6000, 990, 999 & 10.000 Series, which come under the category of Hybrid Systems, meet the requirements of the energy efficiency upgrading interventions in residential buildings covered by the "Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings" program.