Instructions for Cleaning & Maintenance of Aluminium Frames
Aluminium frames do not require special maintenance. However, cleaning with water and soft products with pH between 5,5 and 8 is required when dust or other dirt can be seen on the surface.
In order to preserve the good quality of the aluminium frames as constructed and installed by the fabricator, the following parts should be maintained regularly:

  • Mechanisms-hinges: all moving parts of the aluminium frames as well as the hinges should be lubricated with spray or silicone grease.
  • Weatherstrips: Should be sprayed with the same material as above and cleaned with soft cleaning materials.
  • Aluminium profiles: Should be cleaned with soft detergent, lukewarm-cold water and soft cleaning cloth in order to remove dust and dirt - especially where the profiles are connected.
  • EUROPA offers the maximum Seaside class protection against corrosion particularly near seaside areas or other erosion factors. Aluminium frames that are located by the sea or other highly acidic areas should be cleaned more often.
  • Aluminium frames should not be washed with any kind of high pressure washer or hoses in order to prevent overflow of water sinks that are applied. In such case there is a high chance of permanent water presence between the panes.


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