EUROPA Plisse Deluxe


Final Europa  PLISSE - DELUXE

EUROPA PLISSE Deluxe is the premium aesthetics insect screen system due to its mesh’s special appearance, becoming part of every room’s decoration.
Additionally, EUROPA PLISSE Deluxe offers very high resistance to everyday use, due to its advanced double caterpillar, allowing durability through time. The special, accordion style, mesh is made of reinforced polyester combustible material. The insect screen’s laces are made of VECTRAN fiber, a high technology material with many applications, especially where strength and durability are required.
Remaining functional and practical, with special handles for guided smooth motion, without bottom guide for unhindered access and the ability to stay still at any desired point.
Always bearing EUROPA’s quality signature.
EUROPA PLISSE Deluxe insect screen can be easily applied to all new and existing frames and is available in single and double sash.
The mesh is available in black and grey coloring. The black mesh color is the standard coloring, the grey color is available upon special request.





Horizontally moving insect screen with caterpillar mechanism and plisse cloth.

QUALICOAT: Certification process of the electrostatic paint.


Aluminium Alloy: AIMgSi-0.5 F22
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum coating thickness: 75μm

Maximum dimensions of opening single sash insect screen: 1800mm x 2500mm 
Maximum dimensions of opening double sash insect screen: 3000mm x 2500mm




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