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Aluminium is the metal of the future. It is a product of ever- growing demand and importance. It is strong, light-weight and fully recyclable. With applications ranging from cars to aircraft and windows to photovoltaic mounting systems, aluminium constitutes an integral part of our everyday lives.
The use of aluminium extrusions continues to expand through new practices. Extruded aluminium intrigues the imagination and broadens the possibilities.
EUROPA offers extruded aluminium profiles, semi-manufactured components, systems and finished products according to customers’ requirements for performance, quality, precision and value.

Customer satisfaction and product excellence are the ultimate goals. EUROPA will assist all customers individually in finding the extrusion that fits their needs, by selecting from a wide range of profiles.

Extrusion is a robust process that provides virtually unlimited possibilities for adapting product shapes. Fewer components reduce costs, simplify the finishing process and facilitate assembly.
Aluminium extrusions inspire creative designs and guarantee improved technical solutions. Customer feedback throughout the process is crucial for product development.

Optimal design and alloy selection can make the later stages of the creation process more effective and efficient. Cutting-edge technology is also applied for quality fabrication with high precision.

EUROPA produces a comprehensive range of branded products and custom made profiles, to the exact specification of the world's most quality-conscious users. A wide range of profiles is available for:

  • Architectural applications
  • Commercial applications
  • Industrial applications - Solar mounting applications

Architectural & commercial applications include innovative branded building systems, facades, doors, windows, railings, frames, aluminium accessories etc. 

In the range of industrial applications, EUROPA SUN provides a certified aluminium mounting structures for photovoltaic panels using high-toughness aluminium alloy. The mounting structures are produced in EUROPA’S state-of-the-art facilities.
The structure design enables the mounting of all types and sizes of photovoltaic panels, a variety of patterns and all photovoltaic technologies, optimizing installation times and cost. The company provides complete technical support for proper installation of the mounting structures in every photovoltaic plant.



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