EIS 880


EIS 880

The ideal proposal for Rolling and Opening Insect Screen, which meets even the strictest requirements. With a modern design and unique functionality, it is easy to use and applies perfectly to all the existing Aluminium Systems. Also suitable for replacing older Insect Screen Systems.

Due to the optional special break mechanism, the EUROPA 880 ensures comfortable, smooth and controlled movement whereas the wind resistance brush retains the screen in place, even under strong wind conditions.

There are two types of opening system screen: single and double leaf. Also, two types of rolling system screen: vertical and horizontal.

Basic system dimensions
Rolling system screen EUROPA 880:
Box: Width 42 x Height 50mm.
Axis: Outer diameter 23,3mm.
Sill: Width 9,7 x Height 43,6mm.
Vertical movement driver: Width 22 x Height 39mm.
Upper driver for Horizontal motion: Width 22 x Height 30mm.
Lower driver for Horizontal motion: Width 22 x Height 25mm.
Side driver for Horizontal motion Single leaf: 29 x 22mm.

Opening System EUROPA 880:
Frame: Width 38,7mm x Height 38,5mm.
Leaf: Width 34,3mm x Height 25,7mm.
Partition: Width 25,9mm x Height 50mm.
Bottom rail: Width 25,9mm x Height 70mm.




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