In its effort to expand the use of online media, EUROPA created in 2012 a microsite antikatastasikoufomaton.gr. This microsite contains information about the replacement of existing doors and windows and also the benefits for the environment. This microsite also contains the company’s blog. Posts at EUROPA blog contain not only company news, but also follow the whereabouts of EUROPA’s team, interviews and corporate social responsibility actions.


The microsite also contains a unique tool that provides information about saving energy, helping high end users to choose the right architectural system according to their needs.
In 2013, EUROPA launched a new and innovative advertising campaign based on a corporate social responsibility action. The innovative campaign is called “Giona Project” and included the replacement of doors and windows at Giona mountain refuge. Giona Project was a big success, combining Corporate Social Responsibility with demonstration of EUROPA Hybrid products superior quality against severe conditions.

Giona Project included:
• Broadcast on national television
• Online and offline contest held at gionaproject.gr. The value of the company’s products given away exceeded €14,000!
• NL in magazines and newspapers
• Site Banners

Company’s employees and EUROPA designated manufactures also receive a monthly newsletter containing corporate information, product updates, newest industry developments etc.
These actions aim at informing and supporting EUROPA’s contributors, increasing the interest and commitment to the company, resulting in the increase of EUROPA’s brand acknowledgement and demand.


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