CE Certification

It is a certificate established by the European Union to ensure that the aluminium fitter meets the technical specifications and technical procedures established by the manufacturing company (EUROPA) based on the European Directive EU 89/106, which are in line with the standard EN 14351-1, as regards to the construction of aluminium doors and windows.

Accompanying documents
which must be produced by the aluminium frame manufacturer

1) CE Compliance Statement:
It is the manufacturer's admission, issued at his own responsibility, that the products he has manufactured are in full compliance with the provisions of the directive 89/106/EEC and the respective reference standards regarding "Air permeability", "Water tightness" and "Wind Load Resistance".

2) Product Characteristics:
A respective table must be provided with the accompanying documents for each frame, which will describe the frame's characteristics.

3) Guarantee:
The frames must be accompanied by a document specifying the guarantee offered by the manufacturer for the proper and smooth operation of the frames.

4) Use and Maintenance Instructions:
The frames must be accompanied by a document with instructions on their proper use and maintenance.


For any additional information, please contact EUROPA Customer Direct Line +30 22620 32100.


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